About me

My name is Nils Karlson. Sometimes I live in a camper van, but most of the time I live in a house with my wife, a dog and three cats. To me, photography translates not only the three dimensions of width, height, and depth into a two dimensional physical object, but also incorporates the dimension of time. Looking at today’s fast moving world, it seems like people have lost track of time – it has become a rare commodity. In this regard, photography feels like music to me, where I tend to focus on the space between the notes – the pause, the silence, the wait. Thus I seek peace and calm in the process of creating the most quiet photographs possible, which makes me an avid collector of light and colour. My longing for silence and solitude is deeply intertwined with a minimalist and sometimes abstract visual vocabulary.


Artist in residency

11/2018 - 12/2018, Listhús, Ólafsfjördur (Iceland): Moving Lights

05/2017, Revela*T, Vilassar de Dalt (Spain): Hidden



Pinhole Porto Photography (Group), Mira Forum, Porto (Portugal)

Selber Kunstnacht (Group), Porzellanikon, Selb (Germany)

The Art Of Pinhole (Group), Hebelhalle, Heidelberg (Germany)

Analog Now Photo Weekend (Solo), Blo Atelier, Berlin (Germany)

ESPY Photography Award (Group), Elysium Gallery, Swansea (Wales)


Horizons Dissolved (Solo), The Kickplate Project, Pontypool (UK)

Revela*T (Collaborative), Cal Garbat, Vilassar de Dalt (Spain)

The Pinhole World (Group), Frank's Bar, Norwich (UK)

Significant Colours (Group) PH21 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

Kunstnacht Selb (Group), Porzellanikon, Selb (Germany)


NSEW (Group), Kranzberg Arts Center, St.Louis (USA)


Revela*T (Collaborative), Cal Garbat, Vilassar de Dalt (Spain)

published (print)

Analog Forever Magazine – Issue I, 2019 (Group)

Kalamari Klub – Maybe. Magazine for analogue photography, 2019 (Group)

Photo Klassik – Issue II, 2019 (two images)

Revela*T – Catalogue, 2018 (Group)

Kay Adams – Studies Of An Ephemeral Medium, 2018 (Collaborative)

The Phoblographer – Emulsion, 2018 (Group)

The f/D Book of Pinhole, 2017 (Group)

Eyes Like Slumber, 2017 (Monography)

Film Shooters Collective – NSEW Volume 3, 2016 (Collaborative)

Earth Stands Still, 2016 (Monography)

Published (online)

Square Mag, Issue 1003: Feature (2019)

LA Photo Curator, “We Lost The Sea”: Honorable Mention (2019)

Lomography Magazine, “Contemplation in Imagery”: Interview (2018)

onlandscape, "Mass of Light“: Feature (2017)

Reine Fotografie, Online Dauerausstellung (2017)

Aphognext, "Hunde, Strand und Stillstand": Interview (2017)

emulsive.org, “Why I shoot Film“: Interview (2017)

Lenses and Locals, "Film Feature: #13“: Feature (2016)

Pinholista: Interview (2016)

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ƒ/D, “Earth Stands Still“: Interview (2016)

The Phoblographer, "On Eye Level": Feature (2016)

The Phoblographer, “On Glaucoma and Shooting with Film“: Feature (2016)

Canadian Film Lab, Spotlight: Interview (2016)

onfilm.photo, “Landscapes and Seascapes“: Interview (2015)


"Puppy Love", Film Shooters Collective (2016)

Landscape Dogs“, Australian Film Photographers Scene (2017)

Further media

Los Cenzontles and Shira Kammen - A La Mar: Cover Artwork (2018)

Sucher Kollektiv (member)



Top Fan at Tiny Snek Comics on Facebook (2019) - YAY!