When your body and mind separate, the dharmata will appear, pure and clear yet hard to discern, luminous and brilliant, with terrifying brightness (…).

Do not be afraid of it, do not be bewildered. This is the natural radiance of your own dharmata, therefore recognize it.

(The Tibetan Book of the Dead, 2nd Bardo)

About Confide(nt):

The title Confide(nt) is based on what the series means to me. It is one of these weird and beautiful and bewildering cases where I know I am onto something, but haven’t grasped what it is yet. What I do know – it is a tribute to all the fellow artists using Polaroids and other instant photo processes. It is a shame Polaroid and me just don’t work out, but I love the chemical glitches which can happen, and the little organic aberrations they create. If you are curious about instant film, feel free to visit Wasted Films and Keith Mendenhall (who was also so kind to write the forewod to Eyes Like Slumber).