Earth Stands Still

At this moment, your state of mind is by nature pure emptiness. This state of mind is not just blank emptiness, it is unobstructed, sparkling, pure and vibrant.

(The Tibetan Book of the Dead, 1st Bardo)

About Earth Stands Still:

The concept behind the Earth Stands Still series is based on the term Bardo, as mentioned in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Bardo can be translated as an intermediate state, originally describing the transition of existence between two earthly lives: The state after physical death and before rebirth. But isn’t the Bardo is omnipresent? Aren’t we always in a state of transcendence, an existence without beginning or end? These questions found an answer in my love for the vastness of the ocean: The horizon is in constant motion – no matter how far we sail, we never reach the end. In many cultures, the horizon used to mark the end of the (known) world, a natural border. But…there is no border, no abyss, no end.