Eyes Like Slumber

Eight months after the success of Earth Stands Still, photographer Nils Karlson launches his first photo journal Eyes Like Slumber on July 1st, 2017 for €25, including shipping worldwide.

Eyes Like Slumber marks the artistic progress of the artist's quest for silence, emptiness and luminosity; it continues the pursuit for quiet and vast spaces.

Like the previous monograph, Earth Stands Still, it is based on the concept of Bardo, as mentioned in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Bardo can be translated as an intermediate state, originally describing the transition of existence between two earthly lives: “At this moment, your state of mind is by nature pure emptiness. (…) this state of mind is not just blank emptiness, it is unobstructed, sparkling, pure and vibrant (...). This mind of yours is inseparable luminosity and emptiness in the form of a great mass of light; it has no birth or death“.

Eyes Like Slumber is limited to 250 copies and will be available through the contact form on this website for €25 including shipping – no matter where on this planet.

The softcover book (21cm x 21cm, approx. 8“x8“) features 29 photos on 36 pages. Printed at Printzipia, a highly eco-certified facility in Germany on matte 150gr/sqm Mundoplus recycling offset paper. Accompanied by a set of three postcards, printed on matte 300gr/sqm Mundoplus recycling offset paper, and one of 50 different 6cm x 6cm eco-friendly business cards.

The foreword for Eyes Like Slumber was authored by Keith Mendenhall. While working with architect Frank Gehry, Keith Mendenhall was primarily responsible for overseeing the production of a series of award winning books. More than that, he is a wonderful and kind person with a great understanding of the enormous artistic spectrum of photography.

How to order:

To order Eyes Like Slumber, please use the contact form. Please send your name, an email-address and a shipping address, as well as your payment preference. Your email address will only be used for correspondence regarding your purchase of Eyes Like Slumber. You can chose from payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

  • If you chose PayPal, you will receive a PayPal invoice via email (please check your "others" and "junk" folders), which you can pay easily with one click.

  • If you chose bank transfer, i will email you my bank details (same here, please check your "others" and "junk" folders). As soon as the amount of purchase is transferred and the journal is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email.

This may sound a bit tedious, but it is a part of keeping the price for the journal as low as possible. I try to handle orders within 24 hours, and shipping within 24 hours after the amount of purchase is transferred – but as it is just me doing this, please don't get upset if it might take a little longer.

Please be aware the journal is traveling to you all the way from Germany, so it might take some time to arrive. However, if you get the feeling it takes too long, please let me know – even with all the paperworks attached, it might got stuck in customs or at a post depot etc. All books have a DHL tracking number and covered by insurance. 


Product Photos by Kersten Glaser